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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Engine Looks Good...

Finally got the engine and all mounts removed from the frame so now I can proceed to clean up everything and look for parts.  We ran into some trouble at home with our Heat pump, burned up and has to be replaced in full, that is going to soak up all our extra cash for a while so it doesn't look like I will be ordering to many parts until that is taken care of. 
Anyway I will continue with the project and do what I can, cleaning and fixing and putting back together the parts that I have that will still work.

Tore the engine apart to see what was happening inside. It all looks really good, Surprised me... The bearings inside are in great shape as well as the gears. The clutch basket has some pretty good grooves worn into it but for now it will work and I can replace that at a later time.  I did find that the case had been repaired at some point from a crack or breakage next to the water pump, it was done quite nicely though and again if I decide to at a later time I could replace that side case. The gray area in the photo below is the repair.
Also the oil drain plug had been messed up and repaired with a heila coil, surprising again it is working just fine but I don't want to mess with it too much.

Satisfied with it, I put it back together and gave it a fresh coat of engine black high temp satin, its gonna look pretty sweet in the fresh frame when that's done.

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