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Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Parts AIR BOX.

Waaa Hooo! yes I get excited about getting new parts, every time. This time I got an Air Box in the mail. Wasn't even expecting to see it until next week so lucky me. Even better is that its in really good condition. Doesn't help that this is what the old one looked like.  This one has a hole in it there to the left of the box, could have been a foot peg at some point but when I got it the mounting tab on the sub frame was poked through the hole. The whole thing is really beat up.

Lucky for me there is Ebay. I found this next one for super cheap, so cheap in fact that I probably shouldn't even put it in here.  I was not expecting to get one in as good of condition as what showed up so sometimes you get lucky I guess.

This photo is of the same side as the one above that has a hole in it.  You can see that the general condition of this unit is all around much better even before getting cleaned up.

Here it is all cleaned up. Looks so good. It shined up pretty nice, I think this unit will look pretty good in that sub frame.

So along with having two air boxes to work with I ended up with two air filters and cages. That's a pretty nice bonus especially considering how cheap the second one was.  Turns out the filter in the original box is a much better filter and in better condition than the second one. I cleaned both of them just in case. The Uni had what looks like a burn spot or a melted spot and it fell apart. I have never really liked those type of two stage filters anyway, so no big loss to me.  The filter in front that is light colored is in great shape and cleaned up very nicely. Its a keeper.

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