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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Side Tracked

This past weekend with three days off was a perfect opportunity to work on the KX125 project but as it turned out I only got the frame stripped down to bare and ready for paint,also welded up the cracked frame spar.
  My son was riding a crf150 and has outgrown it, this weekend we traded it (we got the loosing end of the trade) for a 2006 RMZ250F. I know this is the last year of the Kawazuki combined effort and even Kawasaki decided to end it early. The RM is going to be a good bike but it took all weekend to tare it down and check everything out and put it back together so nothing else on the KX got done. I would love to go into it about the RM but that could have been its own blog story. Suffice it to say that its gonna cost another $300 to get it up to my standards of ride-ability. Ill post a pic of the KX frame before I paint it up.

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