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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Build Up Starts

The Frame transformation.

The Blue was not the original color for the 1986 frame so went ahead and stripped it down 
 I was glad that I did, I found a crack in the frame where the back comes down into the engine cradle. I had read that the mid 80s KX frames were prone to breaking, I never broke the one that I had that I am aware of anyway. I only raced it for a season, I did however break the rims in the first few months of racing it.

So I was not able to find the original Kawasaki color. Apparently PJ1 does not make frame paint anymore only the fast black for the engine.  So I went with the durabond auto enamel. Honda Silver as it turns out looks a lot like the original silver frame color. I hope that it is a fairly tough paint, even though this bike wont get a ton of ride time when its done it will get at least the occasional spin around the track and I am sure all my friends and the kids are gonna want to take turns as well.

Often when I am working in the garage I get a little ahead of myself and forget to take the before pictures. Here are the triple clamps in the process of the degreaser bath.  The photo doesn't really show how dirty the bearings are as well as the bottom clamp.  Yes I have seen worse but hey this is my project.

The upper frame picture has the Triple clamp mounted up with fresh grease nice and clean. the lower photo also shows the clamps mounted I think both are a little hard to see with too much distraction in the backround. Maybe I should set up a photo studio just for these pictures. Maybe thats a little too OCD.

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