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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sub Frame

Yep I did it again. I don't know why I can not remember to take a before picture. This one will have to do, just reference the sub frame here, its blue.  Pretty much that's all we can see from this photo.  There is a tab missing that the air box bolts to on the back side, cant see it here.

 Here you can see the new tab that I welded on. Not my best welding work, I was having trouble with the wire wadding up in the feeder. This weld cost me 40 feet of wire. Next time I will use a thicker gauge wire to prevent the waste.  Oh well its stuck on there now and will serve its purpose just fine.
 Here I have put the sub frame on for a dry fit before taking it to paint. You can still make out some of the old blue paint that I couldn't get off in the cracks and where the welds are.  I wanted to be able to run it bare aluminium but couldn't get it clean enough, so ill paint it.
Here it is hanging on the paint wire with a fresh coat of metal finish. It looks close to polished aluminium finish so it wont be too bad even if it wears off in places.

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