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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Ok, the Forks are still sitting in garage without having gotten taken apart any farther. I still don't have a service book.  I decided to pick up the other end of the bike and see what kind of trouble I could find there. Again I forgot to take any before pictures, Stooopid!  Well you will have to take my word for it, the thing wasn't pretty.  Lots of caked on grease and dirt, stickers that needed to be peeled off and bearings that needed worked over or removed. If you look at this photo you can see some of the mess.
Most of it is hidden underneath and at the front where the swingarm attaches to the motor and frame.  I got lucky that I was able to save a couple of the bearings, one in the bottom linkage of the swingarm and another two in the linkage itself.  I originally wanted to just replace them all so it was all new and fresh but had to make a change of plan since our financial situation has changed.  Maybe someday if I think it needs it I will change them then, but for now I think the ones I am keeping will be okay.

 Here you can see the two front pivot bearing have been removed with the help of a home made bearing press. It worked really well, if you need to know how it works email me and ill explain.  This is the top view after it has been all cleaned up and de-stickered. There was also a screw that held on the chain slider that had been worn off when the slider wore out.  I ended up cutting a groove in the top of the leftover head of the screw and used a impact driver to remove it. Thankful it came out pretty easy.

This is the bottom of the arm and the lower bearing is the one that I decided to keep.  The whole unit looks pretty good for 25 years old, just a couple of dings and scratches here and there.  I am also in the middle of a few other things but its late so Ill post that stuff up later.

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