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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ive Lost My Bearings.....

And then they showed up in the mail... OH found em....  ok im a little loopy its late, waiting up for the kid to get home so thought I would put this post up.

Ordered these bearings and bushings from the Lytle Racing Group, thanks guys, fast shipping. Nothing like new shiny stuff to work with.

So I went at it right away with my home made bearing squeezer iner thing, and squeezed them right into the swingarm just like they were supposed to be there.

Then in no time at all I had them all greased up and was able to hang the swingarm on the frame and motor mounts. I am still missing the linkage mount bolt that goes to the frame but I do have a line on one at a local shop and I'm gonna try to pick it up on Monday, yep they are open on Monday.  I know it seems like its just a bolt right. well its an $18 bolt. Special size, special collar, special shaft length, cant get one at the hardware store.  If it works out Monday I will get it for $5 and a new $12 motor mount bolt for $3. Shop the bargains where you can. Oh and they are New Old Stock, meaning they have never been used.  Pretty cool, wish I could find more of that stuff.

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