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Sunday, August 28, 2011

More pieces for the Trash Bin.

Have you ever started a home project and the farther you get into it the more things you find wrong that the previous owner hacked together?  That is exactly what this project is like. This hole in the gas tank is somewhat self inflicted, however only because previous owner put a bolt that was too long into an insert and overtightened causing said bolt to become stuck. Same with the one above it that you can see in the photo. My thought was if I could get the insert out of the tank then get the bolt out, I could use epoxy to reinsert the nut insert and be good to go.  Did not go as Planned. This tank was going to be reused, so was the rad shroud that was attached, it was in pretty good condition with very little discoloration. Now it goes in the trash.

The throttle cable and the clutch perch both go in the trash can.
The reed valve intake boot looks to have had some dry cracking
on it at some point so the previous owner (po) smeared some silicone sealant all around it, looks like it will go in the trash as well.

When draining the Radiator I found that there was no coolant mixed with the water, who needs the green stuff right? Oh well at least to this point the radiator doesn't leak and the hoses look good too.

Down to just the motor now, I will save that for tomorrow or the next time I get out to the garage.  The Triple Tree came out good and the bearings look good on that. It is the first set of bearings that have looked good so far.

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