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Friday, August 26, 2011

Taring it Down.

I Started the tare down process, and inventoried the pieces that will work and the ones that wont along the way.  Yes there are way more that wont then the ones that will.  The big pieces are good for the most part though so that's a good thing. By big I mean expensive.
As you can see the frame was painted blue somewhere along the way. The original color was silver. Plastic....well I just hope that I can get the fenders and side panels. The rad shroud is in pretty good shape as well as the tank, usable if I have to on the shroud. I don't think I could find a better tank. I wonder if this bike ever saw a Motocross track. It seem that these are the original rims, in 1986 the KX had bad rims, I broke mine in the first few months of racing it and had to put on new. Cant imagine them making it 25 years but they seem oem. Well yes wheel bearings are required front and rear as well as the dust seals and tires.

The Silencer is not usable either, the core is completely broke loose from the outside and the front mount is broken.

In this photo you can see that the shock is the wrong one for this bike. The original had a silver spring and the reservoir was blue, also this unit is not adjustable for preload, in the trash it goes.
As suspected all the bearings in the swing arm linkage need replacing as well as the swing arm bearings and all bushings. The lower uni-track arm of the linkage was ruined when the bearings went bad and did not get replaced so that goes into the trash can as well as the dog bones that connect the whole mess together because who ever put the different shock on the bike didn't use original hardware. The new hardware was too long. What do you do when the hardware is too long? Notch out the dog bone linkage of coarse. INTO THE TRASH. UGH. So on the rear suspension the only thing that is left usable is the Swing arm. At least there is that.... 

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