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Sunday, October 2, 2011

OH Crack!!

Dang it, early on in the project I wondered how this bike could have made it 25 years on the original wheels since in 1986 I broke mine in the first six months of racing it. Well, it wont make it any longer I was in the middle of cleaning the rear wheel diligently with steel wool cleaning spokes when I found this. That little jagged line just below the 100 is a break, I found three others like it on this wheel.

So yes I had to look at the front one, Yep found three cracks in that one too. Poop! the cost of the project just went up.  Wheels and spokes front and back, I did check the hubs and there is a crack in the rear one but it is outside the bearing race so that will be on the watch list but not replacing now unless I find a really cheap one.
I think that this bike never saw very much action on a track or anywhere else for these wheels to have lasted that long.

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