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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crash & Burn

That's Me, on my 1986 KX125 Crashing my head into the dirt. I just thought I would put up a picture now and then of the bike from back in the day when I was racing it.  A few things to notice in the photo.1. my awesome Bell Moto 3 custom checker helmet with snap on visor, 2. The always trendy JT Chest protector with matching JT race pants. 3. Red AXO boots, also very stylish with left heel tucked under the fender trying to ride it out. 4. Probably wearing white cotton glove liners. 5. No racing jersey, long sleeve sweatshirt or t-shirt. 6. Duct Tape on the tank of the bike, my main investor/sponsor wanted to keep from scratching it up. Better for resale value. If you click the photo it will load a larger version of it to see the detail better. Its a little blurry but still visible.
I did get up and continue on my way in this race. The bike had a bent subframe but was still ride worthy. I Also went to Washougal MX the next day and Raced, Placing 3rd I think that next day.
This Photo was In the April 1987 Issue of Dirt Bike magazine I cant find my copy of it but if you have one take a look for it. The article was about proper safety gear I believe.
I have more photos around here somewhere and as I come across them I will post them up just for fun.

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