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Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Little More.

 I worked on this little item today, rear brake caliper.   It was pretty grungy much like everything else on this bike, it cleaned up nice and everything is working good. The shiny bracket below the caliper looks brighter then it really is, I think the flash made it stand out more. Again didn't take a before picture.
 This is a shot of the subframe with the airbox mounted into it. I put this together to get a  look at where the Shock it going to fit. (notice its not there).  I ordered one on Ebay so it should be in next week. You all know how much I like new parts.

The foot pegs are pretty worn down, a little bent over at the tops and the teeth are not as sharp as they once were. There really is no way to fix that so I painted them up to look nice and put them on the list of might replace some day down the road. I guess the problem with that is there might not be any to replace them with. I found a set of NOS ones on ebay for $36 if anyone wants to buy them for me, that would be great.

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