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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shocking!!! It WONT Work.

This part I didn't research deep enough. I checked this out as good as I could and took a chance. I have been having a hard time finding a workable rear shock from an 86 machine and found a nice one from an 87 and decided to give it a try knowing full well that it may not work. The Frame and mounts appeared to be in identical places on the bike and the length of shock is the same as well as the mounts on the ends. The difference in shock itself is that the 86 has a remote reservoir and the 87 as seen has a piggyback.  I figured that it would work because there is room left where the remote reservoir mounts that the other can sit.  That part actually would work if I were to remove the reservoir mount tabs from the frame, the problem is it seems that the diameter of the 87 shock spring is a bit larger than the 86 must be. This one will hit the back of the motor if I were to make it fit in the mounts.  Good thing I didn't get all carried away and cut those old reservoir mounts off. Well it didn't work and it will probably go back on ebay so I can try to recoup some of what I paid for it.

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