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Friday, October 28, 2011

Whats New??

There are a few things going.  I have ordered a few parts that I hope will work out.  A Fuel tank that is admittedly better then the one that I have but not ideal.  In the pictures it looks okay but I have not seen it in person yet so when I do I hope it is better than the photos.  I have also ordered a shock that needs a total rebuild so as long as it truly is the right part at least I know what I am getting into with this one. 
I purchased a KX250 of what was supposed to be the same year thinking that I would be able to use some of the chassis parts for my bike. Well it turns out that most of the chassis was from an 83 KX250 and as luck would have it Nothin fits.  Well the forks fit the clamps but the offset of the axle is all wrong and wont work with the correct wheel.  I think I could use them if I wanted to change the rest of the front end to match up but I would rather keep it closer to original.  The shock again is not right, a little too short and on the 250 was designed to mount with the body on the bottom so the angle of the reservoir is wrong.  So no luck.  So far only the clutch perch and lever will fit.  Kind of spendy for a clutch perch.  Oh yes the triangle stand fits also (basically a removable kick stand), and the one seat mount that I needed.
Another part that I ordered that is seeming to be a very hard part to find in good condition is a left side panel that also incorporates the airbox cover. It is very specific to the 86 KX125. Only made for that bike that year.  The one that I found has been cut a little at the bottom of the number plate and one of the holes is punched out but I think I can fix that.  It will work good enough for now and if I find a better one in the future I can pick it up later.  While I have been searching for parts I also have been trying to figure out if the wheels are going to work out with new spokes.  The diameter of the spokes has grown over the years and I am hoping that I can still find spokes that will fit through the holes in the hubs.  Still planning and trying to find parts and selling things on ebay to make money for the project.  Maybe tomorrow I will get some current photos up of the parts that wont work and some of the parts I have cleaned up and are ready to go back on when it is time.

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Mark DAWSON said...

I'm restoring a 1986 KX 125. I'm possibly looking for parts and some General Knowledge Questions. If you could help me out that would be great. MarkDfla15@gmail.com thanks for your time.