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Friday, October 28, 2011

Remember the King Dome?

This is me in 1986 riding my KX125 Kawasaki in the King Dome. Notice in the back ground how smokey the air is.  The Dome didn't have the best air moving equipment. This was my first year riding in the Dome and on a Supercross track.  I can not remember how I finished so that right there tells me I didn't light the world on fire with my performance. Oh well it was an incredible experience that not many people get.

Look past where I am on the track, the guy in the red jacket is standing on a set of supercross whoops. Those things are no joke, very difficult to get through in one piece with any speed.

Its a good look right?  Also a fantastic gate pick. Pretty much got pinched going down the start straight, that makes you a mid pack finisher right there.

I remember making a few passes but also being pretty intimidated with the whole experience, that making it pretty hard to concentrate on the racing aspect.

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