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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Photo from 1986 Washougal

This photo is because there isn't anything happening with the bike right now due to the lack of parts and funds.  I'm working on the funding so I can get more parts but until that happens new old pictures will have to entertain you all. This is one of the photos that I have that follows the one from the last post where I ate dirt.  This is Washougal MX park the following day. Notice the rear fender is at an odd angle due to the subframe bending when the bike flipped over the top of me. For those of you that have been to Washougal MX park in the last few years you can see that things have changed a bit since 1986, (you would hope) the jump that this photo is taken at is still in use today however. The jump you can see in the background is no longer there, instead it is replaced by a 100 foot midfield triple. The announcers tower at the right of the photo is now three stories tall and has decking around it for officials viewing and entry sign up area.

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