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Friday, November 18, 2011

Rear Wheel Setup.

Yessss.... Finally all the parts came in for the rear wheel. Well except the new bearings but I can make due with the old for now since I am not putting any motos in. 
 It has been a very long time since I laced up a wheel and was not really sure how this was going to go.
 As it turns out it went really well, got my offsets just right and the wheel is nice and true.  Took about two hours start to finish. Take a look back at the originals  OH Crack! , well this should be an improvement. 

Went with the 19" rear instead of the 18" that this bike came stock with. Just a preference on my part.  Thanks to Rad Mfg. for the sweet Green Nipples and spokes. Cool stuff guys.

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