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Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Place to Plant your Butt.

Or a New vintage seat cover.  Very nice one at that.  Another great ebay find, A place that is actually fairly local to me. Gresham, Or. I believe they do all kinds of upholstery and also seat covers on the side. I posted a link to their ebay store in the side bar if you are in need of a new cover. The one that I ordered was not listed in their store but I sent them a message and asked if they had it and yes they did. So if you don't see yours its worth asking about.
I want to keep several things on the bike that are true to the original, many of them are graphics related.  The seat had to have the correct year graphic KX printed on it.  In the 80's and still today that is a major part of being able to tell what year bike you are looking at so I want it right.

 This is the one that was on the bike, Original I believe and actually in great condition for 25 years old.  If I was not able to find a good replacement I would have been very okay with using this one.  There was a bit of wear on it and the very front of the cover was getting hard and was about to crack (it actually did when I removed it from the foam).  As you can see from the photo below the bottom edges of the cover had worn through where is rubs against the frame.

The seat foam is doing okay, it is a little flaky at the side from years of use and weather but it is still pretty soft all around so it will be reused under the new cover. 
The pan is also in very good condition. I used some electricians friction tape around the bottom edges to help keep it from rubbing through the new cover, while I had it apart I also took the time to heat up the pan at the front and bend it forward to get rid of the gap between the tank and the seat.

Perfect Fit! I couldn't be happier with how the cover went on.  Really a nice product and great fit. In the bottom photo you can see that the gap at the tank is gone.  The cover has some wrinkle left in it might be from the foam underneath or it may smooth out with a little time. All in all I am very pleased with it.

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