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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I felt compelled to put some plastic on and take a look at what it is gonna look like.  So far I like what I see except for the seat pulling away from the tank.  Can't figure that one out. One would think that it would be a bent subframe but that thing looks really good. Every thing lines up really good except the seat at the tank. I have seen some other 86's that have the same issue so I may just have to deal with it.
Also got the rear shock back from Pro-Motion Suspension today, doesn't look much different then when it went over there but the insides are fresh and new. This weekend I will make the outside look fresh and new too.  With any luck some more of the parts that I have ordered will come in and I can put some good quality garage time in.  Was going to ride this weekend but northwest weather has turned on us and it is supposed to rain and snow with temps in the low 20's over in Goldendale so I think a fire in the stove in the garage and bike work is where I will be.

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