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Friday, December 2, 2011

1986 Race Photos

Okay yes things have seriously dropped off this last week.  Very busy schedule at home with running kids here and there and also waiting on some crucial parts to arrive.  Did finally get the bearings for the lower shock mount so that will be going in this weekend in between basketball games (we have 4 to attend). Also received the front rim but don't have the spokes yet to put that together.  I am still waiting on the forks to come back from Pro Motion, I thought I would see them this week but it didn't happen. I know Dave had to order seals and bushings so it took a bit longer for the turn around. Hope I will get those back next week early so I can move forward. Till then posting up a couple of vintage race photos.
These Photos are from the Clarksbranch MX park outside of Roseburg Oregon run by Ralph and Carolyn Huffman, I don't believe this track is used any longer though it was still there on the hillside a couple years ago when I drove by

The Photo above is me on the left and Allen on the right after a great North West mud race. That's back when we raced all winter outdoors. The Photo on the left was taken the same day, both of them are also at Clarksbranch MX.
Photo below is Clarksbranch in the summer 1986.

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