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Friday, August 17, 2012

Donor Bike = New Parts

 Yep its been a while. Ive been doing the work in the garage but most of it is on the weekend bikes since it is ride season and ride season in the NW is short.  I did however pick up a donor bike not too long ago and have been going through that one and taking the better parts for the restore KX and putting the other back over on the donor. Have not yet decided if the new donor will be a keeper and rider or a part it out and recoup some of my cash.  Parting out was the original plan but it is possible to make this one a runner so we will see. 

This is the donor, I had already removed the seat and tank at this point.

The tank is rough on the donor but I think it can be restored to look as good or better then the one on the restore KX. the seat needs a new cover, the fenders are shot, the side plates are possible restore parts and the front plate has been replaced with new.

This is the rear brake hose I had in place on the restore bike. The original cover was discolored and in bad shape so I removed it and just left the black hose exposed as it looked good just like that.  The front hose guide was broken and I was just waiting on finding a new part to replace that with. You can see the guide only has one screw holding it in place.

Here you can see that I used the hose off the donor bike and also the hose guide, now it looks more like the stock parts when it was new.

In this shot you can see that I finally got my hands on a mud flap, This part was proving to be very hard to find, thanks to my new donor I have one that is in very nice shape.  After cleaning this up and putting it on the restore KX I found the one that came with it when I brought it home, It is rough but will work well enough on the donor for riding around.

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