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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Track Day!

To Date this build has taken one year. Not quite complete but getting very close.

We went to the local track today (Washougal MX) for some summer ride fun.  The KX went along to get a whiff of the air outside the garage.  I was very tempted to take a couple laps on it, but I resisted. I want to get it fully done, graphics and all before it gets ridden.  Then we will see, I still might not ride it, all show and no go, even though it seems to run pretty good.  Its just so pristine I don't want to scratch up the frame and cases.  The bike got some attention which was nice even though we were not in a high traffic area, mostly guys that have been riding for a long time and know what era this bike came from, some younger guys that enjoy working on older bikes stopped to talk about it to.

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