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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Its Not done But it Runs!

I got the clutch all sorted out the other day and finally had a chance to put it all together ( thought that would have happened last Sunday.....Nope) so here are some photos of it and a short Vid of it starting.

The sound is not very good because I had supercross playing on the tv and it was louder than I thought.  What I said at the beggining is that I was actually starting it for the second time but the first time was only 30 seconds before.  It took 4 kicks for it to fire up and the carb is really close to where it needs to be. 

Here is the link for vid. I started this project in August of 2011 so to this date it has taken 11 months.
I have ordered a couple new to me side panels and they should show up in the next week or so. Now I will be down to hunting for Graphics and a mud flap.

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