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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Finally Clutch Problem resolved.

This is the concave washer. Its not a huge cup but it is there.
Finally resolved the problem with the clutch hub nut popping the threads off at under 30 ftlbs.  There is a concave washer on top of a spline washer that i am guessing is supposed to be somewhat of a lock washer that just puts pressure on the nut to keep it from spinning.  Personally I like the fold over washer set up better.  So I was putting the concave washer in with the top of the cup toward the nut.  There is no direction in the manual or that I could find online that says which way it goes.  Well I ruined two of the nuts then turned the washer over so the cup of the washers outside edges contact the nut then torqued it down...Boom, it works.

 I also purchased a new to me clutch basket that was in much better condition then the one that I had. As you can see in the photo the edges of the new basket have very little wear on them compared to the photo in the last post showing the old unit. 

Ready to put the covers back on and fill with oil. 
I might get to start it up today.!!

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