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Monday, May 6, 2013

It is spring time in the NW and the KX is complete. It runs really well and it is about time to ride it a little.  Not too much just cause its really hard to replace parts for this thing and I really like the way it looks now.  I have other bikes to ride and beat on so this one can just look pretty even though from my short rides on it the motor rips. It doesn't have great handling or suspension but i'm sure it would do fine in whatever evo class I could fit it into at the local vintage race. Now for a couple photos from before and after.

1986 KX125 when I brought it home in Aug of 2011
The Same 1986 KX125 May of 2013.

 Proper badging decals were very hard to come by. I could not find any reproductions on ebay or any other vintage sites. I took it upon myself to digitize some artwork for the needed decals and found a willing printer to help me out, it puts the finishing touch to the project.
There are a couple of modifications to the bike that depart from original. The rims are aftermarket excell units with a 19" in the rear as well as spokes and green spoke nipples.  Also the exhaust is a DG aftermarket part but was made in the 1980's so it is a period correct mod.

This last shot is of the KX with a 1987 CR125 That I restored along side the KX over the last year.  There is a link to that site on the right side of the page or follow this www.cr125project.blogspot.com to go and check that project out.

Thanks for following along, I have other projects going slowly along and some that I have not even started yet but I will soon enough. Besides the RM project that is listed to the right I have an 87 CR250 that I will be starting this winter so look forward to that.

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