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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Graphics attempt one.

My search for the shroud graphic for this model year bike has turned up empty.  I have found several for the KX250 but they wont transfer to the 125, also found some for the 1987 model but I want to stay with original model year. Granted I strayed from stock form with the wheels and the DG pipe but those things could have been changed out during that time period if you had the cash to do it then.  So I took a stab at recreating the graphic on my own.  Here is how it turned out.
I had several of them printed just for use on the #2 bike and I wanted a replacement.  Well I was not that happy with the results.  First the vinyl was not as thick as they said it would be and they didn't put the clear laminate over the top that I asked for.  Then the blue color came out looking purple, that is not really the printers fault. it turns out the dark blue on my computer screen is actually a royal purple.  Other then that the fit is great, the green matches great and the design is spot on.  I will be trying again though with a different print company, trying to find some place local that will use the .9mill thick stuff with the lam covering.  I also put the designs into a different program instead of photoshop that is supposed to yield a better color representation and allow the print company to die cut the finished product so I don't have to cut it out myself.
I went ahead and put on on the #2 bike just because I have it. It fits good and even on that faded plastic looks pretty nice.

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Lon said...

I've been working on a "free" '86 KX as well.

So far, I had the carburetor rebuilt, I cleaned the fuel tank and rebuilt the petcock, replaced the fuel lines and filter, and gave it new fluid.

I did the rear wheel bearings and tire, but still have to do the front.

The top and bottom ends seemed fine - good compression, no problems. I have a top-end gasket set and a new piston/wristpin/needle bearing should that turn out to not be the case.

I found a new (but old) PSI pipe on eBay and mated it with a modern FMF Turbine Core 2 spark arrestor muffler. It's quite quiet now for an old 125 motocrosser, and should be woods-legal, although the muffler is enormous compared to the bike.

The forks could probably use new oil, but the seals are in good shape. The shock could use new seals and a rebuild :(

I still have to think about whether I care to rebuild the wheels this year or not; the original rims are a bit cracked (the front is worse than the rear, but neither is broken). All of the spokes are intact.

Good luck on your project!