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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Ride.

On a whim I took the KX out of the garage and went for a spin. It was really nice to ride it since it has been in the garage and in progress for a year now.  It was only a little 5 min. shake down ride then back in the garage to tighten things up and yes there were a couple things that came loose.  I also found that I don't really like having the 13t counter shaft sprocket on it, I will try the 12t the next ride out.  It also has a 48t rear sprocket when stock was a 47 so I am basically 4t up from stock so it runs out of power on top pretty quick.

1 comment:

kalvin dubuc said...

Love the look of the bike man i just recently redone my 86 kx125 during 2012 but i need new rims and an exhaust. Nice lookin bike though!!!