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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wheel Bearings

Its been a while since I have posted anything here.  Shortage of parts will do that to ya.  I think everyone knows money is a little tight especially for fun projects.  I was waiting for the front wheel bearings to show up and I was going to do the front and rear at the same time but decided that I would just go ahead and put the rear ones in since it looks like the fronts wont be here till mid next week.

Here the photo shows the old bearing still in the hub with the new bearings on top and the wheel spacer that I took out from the other side.  Its a pretty easy process to change bearings.  This model hub has a cir clip that holds a bearing in on one side while the other one fits very tightly.  After removing the dust seal and the cir clip the bearing on that side lifts right out then the spacer and the other bearing can then be popped out with a long socket extension and hammer.

I first put the bearing in that needed pressed into place, a 32mm socket fit perfectly into the hub allowing me to tap the bearing in only putting pressure on the outer edges of the bearing.  There is a lip on the inside of the hub that the bearing seats against so you know when it is fully in place. After that the dust seal can be put in by hand.  These are sealed bearings so no extra grease is needed.

Flip the wheel over and slide the spacer into the hub, then the next bearing can be set into place. No hammer needed on this one.

Using snap ring pliers put the cir clip into the groove followed by the dust seal. Just like that your all done.

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